Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watch out for Lightning this Summer!

Lightning... A Real Danger on South Carolina Lakes
More thunder storms are headed our way during the spring and summer. Please pay attention to the weather while boating on Lake Murray and other South Carolina lakes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walk Across the Dam!

Lake Murray Pedestrian Walkway

The Columbia area’s newest walking pathway is directly across the top of the Dreher Shoals Dam along S.C. Highway 6 at Lake Murray. It's a popular place for walking and jogging. The distance is 1.7 miles each way for a total walk of 3.4 miles. The walkway offers spectacular views of Lake Murray and even the downtown Columbia skyline 11 miles away. This pathway was completed after the construction of the new backup dam at Dreher Shoals Dam on Lake Murray (in 2005) and with the widening of S.C. Highway 6 across the top of the dam (in 2007).

I've walked the pathway twice recently. It's a great walk. Try it soon!

CLICK HERE to visit my Walk Across The Dam webpage with more information and pictures

Walk Across the Dam at Lake Murray website

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lake Murray Lake Level Update

May 7th update - Lake Murray lake level & temp:
Lake Level: 358.89
Top Water Temperature: 73.7 degrees

Previous (April 23rd):
Lake level: 358.60
Water Temp: 61.9

The recent lake level (on May 6) at 359.08 was one of the highest lake levels on record. Typical summertime lake elevation is 357-358. Typical June-August water temperature is 80.0 - 84.3 degrees F.