Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Killed in Lake Murray Boat Crash Were Legally Drunk

The Batesburg-Leesville couple that died in a boat crash on Lake Murray last Friday night were legally drunk according to initial test results.  The blood-alcohol level of driver Timothy Jones was 0.357 and that of rider Kimberly Bailey was 0.187, chief deputy Lexington County coroner Randy Martin said.  Anyone with a blood-alcohol level above 0.08 is considered legally impaired in operating a boat in South Carolina.   The driver was over the limit by over 300%!

This driver hit a dock extending 60 feet into the water at the point of only 12 feet from the shoreline.  The boat was apparently traveling at a high rate of speed and sliced the dock in half upon impact.

Boating Under the Influence is ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS!  Don't do it.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boating Deaths on Lake Murray

2 More Night-time Boating Deaths on Lake Murray

I don't like to have to report this in my blog, but, I feel it's necessary as a reminder to others that boat on Lake Murray, especially for night-time boating. Certainly, we extend condolences to family and friends, but, this should be another alert related to boating safety on the lake, particularly for boating at night.

NEWS ARTICLE:  July 22nd Boating Accident at Lake Murray Kills Two People

This past Friday night, two people were killed at approximately 10:30 p.m. after their boat hit a dock extending 60 feet into the water at a residential home near Billy Dreher Island.  This is a typical boat dock length as most docks on Lake Murray are in the 50 to 75 feet length range. If the information in the news article is correct, the boat driver hit the dock 12 feet from the shoreline.   The causes may well be at least inattention and excessive speed.   The investigation is still ongoing.

Last year (May 1st), two separate boating accidents within one mile and 30 minutes of each other killed four people.   Alcohol was involved in both of these accidents.   At this point, there have now been 6 boating deaths at Lake Murray within a 14 month period.

The legal minimum distance for boaters to have NO WAKE from docks, the shoreline, other boats and swimmers is 50 feet.  Boaters should know that they should actually have more distance than this -- many states have much higher minimum distances and this state should also increase this distance to at least 75 feet or 100 feet. I see this 50 feet no wake minimum distance violated all the time at my lakeside home dock (even with a posted sign).

Boating Safety Reminders:
  • No BUI  (Boating Under the Influence)
  • SLOWER speeds at night
  • Night-time boating requires even more attention than normal
  • Maintain very safe distances from shoreline and docks

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buying a Boat

Looking to buy your first boat or upgrade a boat?  You may need to persuade your spouse!

I found a cool resource at DiscoverBoating.com -- the Spousal Conversion Kit.   The website has several persuasion videos, tips, scripts and a "7 Days to Boat Ownership Guide."  it's all cool stuff.   It may be a resource you need.  Check it out at:

Discover Boating is a public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lake Murray: A Best Lake for Living and Boating

Lake Murray - Recognized as a BEST LAKE Again.
I know it and many other people know it... Lake Murray is a great place to live.  Now, BOATING Magazine has placed Lake Murray in their recent list of 10 Best Places To Live and Boat.

Barbara and I have lived on Lake Murray for 8 years and we love Lake Murray living.

BOATING Magazine considered livability, public access, convenience and also relaxing getaways that should please anyone looking for a primary or secondary boating home.  

Lake Murray - A Best Place to Live!

Lake Murray Quick Facts: app. 620 miles of shoreline; approximately 48,000 acres; 41 miles long; 14 miles wide at widest point; developed for hyrdro-electric power (now used only for peaking purposes); primarily a recreation/fishing lake; reasonable cost of living; shoreline is approximately 70% developed.
Average single family home price (closed 2010): $487,764  -  2997 s.f. avg. (min: 100 ft. waterfront; 1000 s.f; single family)
Average waterfront lot price (closed 2010): $218,973  -  .73 acre avg. (min: 100 ft. waterfront; max 2 acres)

Check out this featured Lake Murray home listed for sale - Heavenly address in the Chapin area.

Lake Murray Home For Sale

Click for Lake Murray website  |   Lake Murray Blog
Mel Coker's Lake Murray YouTube Video

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Lake Murray Living

Friday, July 15, 2011

100 Deadly Days of Summer

Watch this video produced by the S.C. Department of Safety and the S.C. Department of Natural Resources!   The aim is to step up the South Carolina's BUI/DUI patrol and traffic law enforcement over the summer to make roadways and waterways safer for boaters and motorists.

Don't DRINK and boat or drive!

CLICK HERE for Video

Please drive and boat SAFELY in South Carolina!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fishing is Great at Lake Murray

Tournaments are hosted frequently on the lake, including the Forest Wood Cup at Lake Murray in August 2008.  Lake Murray is known as one of the most productive lakes in the Southeast for largemouth bass and striped bass.  Lake Murray state record fish include: white bass, white perch, white crappie, and white catfish. 

View Mel Coker's "Fishing at Lake Murray" web page for the following information:  fishing reports, fish attractor location, Lake Murray map purchase link, freshwater fish guide, South Carolina fishing regulations, South Carolina fishing license purchase information, Lake Murray area weather info and more.

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Safety Reminder: Fueling Boats on Lake Murray

A boat exploded after refueling at the Tega Cay Marina (near Rock Hill) on Wednesday afternoon (July 13th), sending four people to the hospital with serious injuries.  A preliminary investigation determined the boaters refueled about 1:30 p.m. and had pulled away from the dock when it exploded, said Mike Channell, York County Emergency Management coordinator.

Read more: http://www.thestate.com/2011/07/14/1897706/boaters-injured-in-tega-cay-boat.html

While the cause of Wednesday’s accident has not been determined, boaters should properly vent after fueling by using the blower to sift gas away from the engine compartment.  Then make sure no gas fumes are present before starting the engine.  Skipping this step can lead to a fire.

The S.C. DNR and York County Emergency Management officials are continuing the investigation.

CLICK HERE - Boating Basics: Fueling a Vessel

Thursday, July 7, 2011

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