Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tired of HIGH real estate Taxes? Move to Columbia SC.

Tired of high real estate taxes?
You may want to consider South Carolina.

A recently released study by the Tax Foundation ranked all states by Median Property Taxes Paid on Homes.  The top 10 states with highest real estate taxes:
1.) New Jersey (3.3 times higher than the U.S. median), 2.) Connecticut, 3.) New Hampshire, 4.) New York, 5.) Rhode Island, 6.) Massachusetts, 7.) Illinois, 8.) Vermont, 9.) Wisconsin, 10.) California (1.5 times higher than the U.S. median).

In South Carolina, real estate property taxes on owner occupied homes are reasonable.  In fact, our state ranks 6th lowest.  Other taxes are reasonable in South Carolina and there are tax breaks for senior citizens on real estate taxes and income.

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“We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”

—Winston Churchill
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