Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boating Safety on Lake Murray

3 Charged in Lake Murray Boating Deaths
Just over a week ago, three men were charged with criminal acts that contributed to a pair of May 1st boat collisions in which four people died on Lake Murray.   All were boating while intoxicted.
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Don't Drink and Drive  |  Don't Drink and Operate a Boat!

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I live on the lake in the Chapin area and I have seen countless occasions just in my cove where boaters zoom within 50 feet of docks with large wakes.  Also, in my cove, I've seen a boater numerous times go across the cove in a small boat with no lights.    Both of these kinds of irresponsible acts are illegal.

South Carolina Boating Laws and Responsibilities
Boating Safety in South Carolina

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Join The Lake Murray Association

Lake Murray Association
Live on Lake Murray?  Boat on Lake Murray?  Love Lake Murray?
YOU need to be a member of the Lake Murray Association (LMA).  Click for LMA website.

Membership dues are very reasonable - only $15 per year.   Or, do like I did on my last renewal and join for 3 years, pay only $45 and get 6 free months added to your membership.   JOIN TODAY before you forget - you will be proud to be a member.

The Lake Murray Association through its active membership and board of directors works to maintain and preserve Lake Murray as one of the most beautiful recreational lakes in the South.  The Association’s key issues for the future include:
Lake level
Weed control
Pollution monitoring and
Shoreline management

The Lake Murray Association was very instrumental (after many years of hard work) in getting South  Carolina Electric and Gas Company to agree to higher winter water levels at Lake Murray.  Remember just a few years ago when water levels sank to 350-351 feet elevation during the winter and early spring?  Now, water levels during the winter are typically in the 354-355 feet elevation range.  This is a success story for the LMA and the number of members in the organization.  The LMA NEEDS YOU!

The Lake Murray Association does more:
Spring and Fall Membership Meeting
Sponsors Ladies Day at the Lake
Sponsors Pontoon Tour of Homes
Conducts a Water Quality Monitoring Program
Publishes a Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2010 edition


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Kids Having Fun: Barefooting on Lake Murray

A few weeks ago, I caught Cole and Trent Hodges doing some barefooting on Lake Murray:



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