Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boating Safety on Lake Murray

3 Charged in Lake Murray Boating Deaths
Just over a week ago, three men were charged with criminal acts that contributed to a pair of May 1st boat collisions in which four people died on Lake Murray.   All were boating while intoxicted.
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Don't Drink and Drive  |  Don't Drink and Operate a Boat!

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I live on the lake in the Chapin area and I have seen countless occasions just in my cove where boaters zoom within 50 feet of docks with large wakes.  Also, in my cove, I've seen a boater numerous times go across the cove in a small boat with no lights.    Both of these kinds of irresponsible acts are illegal.

South Carolina Boating Laws and Responsibilities
Boating Safety in South Carolina

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