Monday, November 25, 2013

Status of Temporary Lake Murray Water Level Drawdown

Update on Lake Murray Water Level Draw Down:
From South Carolina Electric & Gas Company: To enhance the water quality of Lake Murray, South Carolina Electric & Gas plans to gradually lower the lake beginning in early November. Weather permitting, the lake will be lowered until it reaches the 350-foot level near Dec. 1, 2013. It will be maintained at that level until Jan. 1, 2014, after which it will be allowed to rise back to the normal high pool level of 358 feet.

The last significant lake level draw down was in 2006.  Today, the lake level is at 351.4, so the lake level will drop about another 1.4 feet by the end of November.  The lake level should start rising again around January 1, 2014.   It appears that SCE&G will perform this type of lake level draw down every 5-7 years.    Over the past few years, SCE&G has committed to a higher winter-time water level in the range of 354-355 feet water level.   Prior to that, it was normal for the winter time water level to be in the range of 350-351 feet range.

Below is a chart of the progress of this drawn down during November 2013.

Lake level at Lake Murray - November 1-25, 2014

The lake is down at the Coker home too!

Just temporary.   Lake level will start rising again in January 2014.

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