Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lake Murray Water Level and Temperature on the Rise!

Just in time for spring... Lake Murray's water level and water temperature are on the rise!

After a cold and wet winter, the (top) water temperature is now at 49.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  The temp was just 46.0 one week ago.  The March historical average is 53.4 degrees.  Water temperatures should be into the low 60s in April.

The lake level is up too!  Today, the Lake Murray elevation is 358.17.   The March historical average is 357.4 feet above sea level.   Full pool at Lake Murray is 360.0 feet above sea level.  The normal summertime high level is in the range of 358.0 - 359.25 range.  The usual "high-water" months are March - July.

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